Lawn Care – Landscaping – And Lawn Care Consulting

Welcome to our site!  We know about lawn care.  We know about landscaping.  What separates us from others though is that we have college degrees in business and know what it takes to start a business and grow a business but mainly make it a profitable business.  This is where many of our colleagues fail miserably.  They know how to mow yards and they know how to blow the trimmings and do the aeration and slit seeding, but they don’t know how to run the business.  They are not well informed about training staff or budgets or just in general all the important information needed to run the business.

Our mission is to help others with providing up to date information at to the current trends developing in our industry as well as providing individual training to those businesses smart enough to realize that they do not know everything and that they could use some help.  It always amazes us that EVERYBODY knows everything.  The smart business realizes that it is the stuff that they don’t know is the information that can separate their business from the others.  The marginally profitable from the million dollar business.  Here is an interesting video that highlights some of the things that you should think about doing for your lawn care business:

Some great information about lawn care can be found on this website relating to Missouri Lawn Care  I think you can find some great information there if you have a business in the state of Missouri like we do.  So anyway, if you are needing help with building your business, then please give us a call or fill out the contact us page on this website.  It is always great to have someone you can rely upon to help your business grow.